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Friday, November 18, 2005

2005 Sloan ALN Conference: "Pattern Language" Presentation

I am presenting aspects of the Online Course Criticism Model in a session titled: Toward A Pattern Language for the Design of Online Courses

The session description follows:
"Informed by pattern language models from urban design, this session will help participants explore the possibilities afforded by having a shared pattern language for online courses. If rich descriptions of “patterns” in diverse instructional contexts can be articulated, those concerned with understanding or designing such contexts will have a “language” with which to communicate. To get to this point, however, characteristics of many courses from a variety of disciplines and institutions need to be identified. To this end, participants will be encouraged to follow a consistent educational criticism approach so that course characteristics can be identified and readily shared among the practitioner community. Resources will be distributed to participants, and discussion will be encouraged during the session."

PowerPoint Presentation [ppt file; size=125kb]


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