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Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Symphonic" Aspects of the OCC Model

"Symphony," the third aptitude articulated by Pink, denotes a propensity for integrating constructs from diverse fields in new combinations. An emphasis is placed upon seeing the relationships between relationships. Arguably this is the most prominent aptitude manifested in Constructing Educational Criticism of Online Courses: A Model for Implementation by Practioners.

As summarized in Chs 1 & 6, constructs from instructional theory (Chs 1 & 5), Eisner's connoisseurship and criticism approach (Ch 2), qualitative research case study (Ch 4), typology examples from urban design & architecture, forensic science, archival studies, and archaeology (Ch 3), and a way of conceptualizing building construction (Ch 5) are presented alongside characteristics of online courses (Ch 3).

Personally, I find it helpful to look to fields other than one's own for insights and inspirations that bring about new ways of seeing and solving familiar problems.

In addition to the resources recommended in Pink's "portfolio," I have found these helpful:
- A Whack On the Side of the Head
- Whack Pack
- Conversations with knowledgable people from unfamiliar fields

(I would also suggest a tangentially-related book on prototype theory by Lakoff called Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things in addition to Lakoff's book on metaphor recommended by Pink.)


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